MENU of Konoba Didov san
Kajzerica, Bencekovićeva 28, Novi Zagreb



Beff soup with homemade noodles

Traditional donuts with local soft cheese

Traditional dish of pastry chard, garlic and olive oil

Traditional donuts with two homemade soft cheese

Traditional dish – strudel gratinated – salty cheese

Cow milk cheese traditionally made in the town of Livno

Young cheese with mountain herbs

The best sheep’s milk from the Croatian island of Pag

Cold mixed plate for two person
(homemade smoked ham, sausage, Island Pag cheese and sage, Livno cheese dry roast)

Homemade bread



Veal liver
(baked onions and braised potatoes)

Pork loin stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon
(grilled vegetables, baked potatoes)

Hajduk skewers
(3 skewers of turkey, baked potatoes)

Burger with kajmak
(baked potatoes)

Children’s menu
(fried turkey, french fries)

Grill for two person

White fish “Seabass”
(chard and boiled potatoes)

Grilled squids
(baked potatoes)

Grandfather’s pan
(veal scallop, pork scallop, schnitzel, homemade bacon, roasted fresh vegetables, baked potatoes)

Grandma’s pan
(stewed chicken with roasted fresh vegetables, baked potatoes)

Hunting steak in hunting sauce
(baked potatoes)


Snails on grandfather’s way
(snails with homemade polenta)

Frogs grilled with dalmatian smoked ham

Grilled eel with boiled potatoes

Traditionally spicy dish of eel and frog with homemade polenta
(for two person)

Necessary to order at 2 hours earlier:

Octopus and squid baked under special iron lid
(baked under a special iron lid, served with baked potatoes)

Veal baked under special iron lid with potatoes
(for two person)



Fresh greens

Tomato with onion

Mixed leaf salad

Fresh cucmbers with sour cream

Mixed vegetables with soft cheese

Octopus salad



Chocolate cake

Imotski cake
(traditinal dry almond cake, biscuits and maraschino)

Grandfather’s ice-cream cup
(vanilla, chocolate, walnuts, honey, almonds and pieces of Imotski cake

(boiled apple stuffed walnuts)

Ragusan flam, cream brule the croatian way

Pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and sour sherry sauce



Original Turkish coffee

Natural squeezed orange juice

Natural lemon juice



Kujundzusa – open local white wine

Vranac – open local red wine

Belje grasevina – white wine

Belje red wine



Zlatni pan
(Croatian lager beer, golden color and delicate flavor)

Karlovačko radler
(ideal, refreshing combination of beer and lemon juice with just 2% alcohol)

(Cratian dark Royal Beer)

Grička vještica
(Croatian strong beer, aromatic taste with fine rich sweetness and a plesant aroma)

Dva klasa
(Cratian Wheat bear, specific scent and taste which comes from wheat malt)

Velebitsko pivo
(Cratian mountain beer)

(Craft beer)